If being choco-late high was illegal, a lot of us would have been arrested at the Choco-late de Batirol at Scout Hill, Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

The lunch had everyone’s endorphins kicking on overdrive by the last dessert. It was choco-late de Batirol from start to finish. And when I say “start,” I mean starting from the cold versions of the choco-late blends such as, Baguio Classic, the Strawberry Fields, Cinnamon Swirl and Orange Tang. I have never had choco-late served this way before and i was ready for more.

Next came the fluffy bibingka followed by the Suman sa Lihia and topped off with Turon de Langka – all served with your choice of choco-late blends.

When the adults had sampled the first two parts of the menu, the children were wondering what the chefs at Choco-late de Batirol could come up with as a main entree’ that could possibly use choco-late as a side drink. We weren’t disappointed.

We learned a whole lot of new things about choco-late that day and not just from what our gustatory sense provided.

It’s probably going to be one of the most successful branding exercises ever in the history of the Philippines.

My first encounter with Choco-late de Batirol was some seven years ago in Camp John Hay. Aside from the simple, yet tasty home-cooked meals, the choco-late de batirol caught my eye – and taste buds. Plus, I could not get away from the efficiently friendly way its owner (he would rather be called its caretaker) Jojo Castro took care of serving me one demitase after another – all free.

The brown dessert was something new for me, and at first taste – creamy, gritty with hints of salt and a dash of sugar added it to my list of comfort foods! Choco-late de batirol is like sipping a cup of thick cream thats been made a little more firm by constant beating from the molenillo, a wooden beater or whisk. Yet, it is that simple, calorie-defying, ultra-rich comfort food cacao with no conscience for dieters! It is a gentle drink, not meant to go with other rich foods, better as a reward for having just a bibingka and/or turon de langka for meryenda. This, choco-late de batirol, is your just reward.

Choco-late de Batirol serves the best home-cooked meals anywhere – hands down! Sunday lunches with the family can be an enjoyable experience while seated amidst trees, plants, vines of all shapes and sizes, recycled wooden chairs and tables and music that will bring back memories if not make you relax.

Set up a party right in its garden. Choco-late de Batirol can easily sit and accommodate 60 to 80 persons for either a childrens party or a wedding.

After seven years of coming back to my enchanted, neo-Cordillera, rain-forest garden called Choco-late de Batirol I am still here enjoying its more than satisfying meals and my all-time comfort drink – a demitasse of choco-late de batirol.

Indeed, Choco-late de Batirol is elegance in simplicity – clean, pleasant, wholesome, and satisfying. But even traditional combinations can still be infused with new flavors as I learned with their Baguio blend. Perhaps it is in unusual blends or traditional blends rolled into a single demitasse, that make Choco-late de Batirol find a wonderful balance of flavors in any cuisine or setting.