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W E L C O M E!

The “only” home of the best Choco-Late’ de Batirol in the Philippines!
(always copied but never equaled)

Reviving Traditions

Islas Filipinas Food Products, established in 1996 welcomes you to Choco-Late’ de Batirol, the most awarded and recognized garden-restaurant located in Igorot Park, Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

Our garden-resto is a neo-Cordillera rainforest outfit. An advocacy for the preservation of Filipino culture and the environment. Visitors and guests are served a homely meal with hot Choco. “We are not a fast food…,” we would tell our customers eager to get their food to their table. “We serve home-cooked, quality fare, prepared with tender, loving care.” While you wait, you can have a cup of our house specialty, the Choco-Late’ de Batirol.

“The moment you enter our rainforest you are hooked, and you will keep coming back to savor the aphrodisiac goodness of our concoction..” And that is exactly what happens when you visit Choco-Late’ de Batirol right here on Scout Hill, Camp John Hay.

Our garden is a hodge-podge of wooden artifacts and curiosity items some dating back to a hundred years. It is a nature-lovers paradise filled with recycled materials from the tables, chairs, roofing material and what have you.

Choco-Late’ de Batirol is a blend of old-world charm and new-world convenience.

Choco-Late’ de Batirol is all about Reviving Philippine culture and traditions.


Our Philosophy

The objective of Choco-Late’ de Batirol is to provide high quality products and reliable service for our customers.

Islas Filipinas Food Products


  1. Peanut and Garlic Chips – Very low in fats and oils.
  2. Choco-late’ paste
  3. “Taba ng Talangaka” – literally crab fat (meat) paste.

Our Employees

Employees play an important role in any business. Each member of the Choco-Late de Batirol clan shares the same concept and vision as the founder: that of providing the best customer service coupled with the best products while promoting the best of Filipino tradition and culture.


The Board

  1. Mr. Jojo Castro – The Caretaker
  2. Mrs. Soc Castro – General Manager

The Executive Committee

  1. James – Marketing Director, at 20 taken over his dad’s role and already heading the family business.
  2. John – Finance & Admin Director, at 19, the accomplished violinist is also the company’s finance and budget specialist. John also teaches the violin during his spare time.
  3. Angelo – Restaurant Operations Director, the youngest member of the committee at only 16 years old and dubbed “Mr. Show time” by his dad and colleagues for his PR savvy and mastery of the batirol & molinillo.


The Batirol Master -- "show time"

The "Multipour"


Cacao Facts

”food of the gods”

Cacao, a plant of the equatorial region, so divine, that THEOBROMA -”food of the gods” is derived. A plant that bears elongated pods, were cacao beans are embedded and collected, it is the only source of Choco-late, a tonic food drink.

Ancient Mayas, and Aztecs were the first known civilizations that cultured the cacao plant, more than 3,000 years ago. A ceremonial drink prepared as a dark-bitter liquor, was their ultimate source of energy and vitality. They have also used the bean as a currency as a source of prestige and power.

The Philippines has its own unique version of the cacao. Introduced by the Galleon trade from Mexico, together with chico, avocado, maize, etc. Our tropical-temperate climate favored the growth and cultivation of the cacao, the maize, peanuts, avocado on the islands.

The Philippines diversified culture and dialects sometimes called chocolates; as Cequate, Soquate and Tsokolate.

Batirol, which is the pitcher, is sometimes called chocolatera, batidor, and batiron.

Choco-late de Batirol is an ancient concoction of a passionately traditional process, as a chocolate paste, in its natural oil that may last years at room temperature. Urbanity and intellectual advances almost phased out this Heritage.

The western world has its own version. We Filipinos made our own. Choco-late de Batirol, Cequate de Batidor, Binate na tsokolate, in any name, is a truly Filipino tradition.

Sipping a hot, thick blend of Choco-Late’ de Batirol calms our nerves that enriches our soul, thanking God for the simple pleasures of distinctive taste and texture. This 21st century generation is so privileged to partake, to revive and to preserve our heritage. Take care of our traditions as we take care of our souls. Manifest it as a tool to reach our next generation, with a mission in our hearts, always and forever.

Ing Republica


Thank you for supporting our advocacy to preserve as well as promote Philippine culture and traditions.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site as much as you enjoy our choco-late’.