Cacao Advocacy

Our vision is to convert or create a sustainable eco-friendly/eco-tourism destination through an advocacy for environment preservation and enhancement. We believe it is also timely to participate in global warming efforts and waste management.

Our proposal is to germinate / propagate 10,000 to 30,000 cacao seedlings in a 3-4 year span. We already have identified a location in Vista Verde, Sitio Bubun, Virac, Itogon, Benguet as a field office. We shall also seek the assistance and endorsements of the local government units, municipal and barangay levels that we may identify, organize and teach community-based cacao farming and possibly into multi-cropping and livelihood.

We earnestly pray and hope for your concern and partnership to realize a showcase of sustainable eco-tourism destination.


Horacio “JOJO” Castro, Jr.
Choco-late de Batirol


Project Name: CACAO FARMS for the Cordilleras
Pilot Location: Vista Verde, Sitio Bubun, Virac, Itogon, Benguet (1.5km from PMA)
Project Proponent: Choco-late de BatirolReviving Tradition Foods & Trading Corporation
Mission/Vision: 1. To develop create a showcase of sustainable eco-friendly eco-tourism destination

2. To glorify God by preserving our culture and our environment.

3.To teach and reach out to the young generation, committed for righteousness.

4. To develop future leaders and managers as stewards of our Natural wealth.

5. To act in awareness of our Social Responsibility by investing in our youth.

Destination: 1. Family retreats

2. Natural healing

3. Spiritual get-away

Products: Selected Cacao Seedlings10,000 – 20,000 in 3-4 years
Project Partners: Batirol Patrons, Guests and Friends, Advocate-Members
Cost of Project: 2M-4M staggered as needed
Break Down:
a. PHASE 1 Permit and Licenses

Sourcing of Selected Cacao Pods

Water sourcing

Nursery germination

Information dissemination

b. PHASE 2 Eco-friendly homes

Organic Shredding Machine

c. PHASE 3 Sky Light Eco-Friendly Homes
d. PHASE 4 Waste Processing models/prototypes

Organic Fertilizer-Compost

Corporate Social Responsibility: Training of young, willing and committed men and womenLivelihood
Legal Counsel: Hon. Edgardo M. Avila Law Office

Antipolo Building, Session Road

Baguio City

Marketing: NetworkingPatrons, Guests, Clients & Supporters of Choco-late de Batirol

Partners/Advocates – LGU/NGO – MOA Link up

Donors: Establish commitment

Sponsors: Local Companies

Formation of young people, students, volunteers, group of young professionals

Volunteers for a noble cause

Fund Managers/Servicing Banks DBP – Development Bank of the Philippines

Chinabank – Bonifacio, Baguio Branch

Waste Management: 1. Cacao shell for production of organic fertilizer

2. Shredding Machine – Biodegradable composting unit

Accreditation: 1. BCDA-JHMC, since 2000

Bases Conversion Development Authority

John Hay Management Corporation

2. DOT, Department of Tourism, since 2003

3. CJH DevCo Locator, since 2003

4. Share-a-joy Foundation – CJHDevCo

5. Tam-Awan Artists Village

6. Lonely Planet – Tour Guide